Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (Greece, 2011)
Sound Design & Associate re-recording mixing by Leandros Ntounis at i hear voices
Re-recording Mixing by Kostas Varybopiotis at Echo Studio

A Nurse, an Ambulance Driver, a Gymnast, and a Coach have formed a dead persons’ substitute company called “Alps”. They are a company for hire, playacting deceased persons in their daily routines, for the benefit of their grieving relatives, friends, and colleagues.
The range and variety of their roles is quite wide, although they don’t just take any offers. The substitutes have to identify with the substituted dead persons and be inspired by their past lives. The roles are researched, rehearsed, and performed in minute detail.
The company operates illegally, under a scrupulous discipline regime demanded by their leader, the Ambulance Driver. He has reserved for him alone, as his code name, the name of Alps’ great pinnacle, the Mont Blanc.

Festivals | Awards
Venice Film Festival “Competition – Best Screenplay”, Italy (2011)
Toronto Film Festival “Official Selection”, Canada (2011)
Rotterdam Film Festival “Spectrum”, Netherlands (2012)
Sydney Film Festival “Official Selection – Best Film Award”, Australia (2012)
Busan Film Festival “Official Selection”, Korea (2011)
AFI FEST “Official Selection”, USA (2011)
Reykjavik Film Festival “Official Selection”, Iceland (2011)